About Us

Sharing Indonesian Food Heritage To The World

Farmology  is an Indonesian company that works across the diverse agricultural supply chain that puts focus on healthy, organic, and natural products. Located in the tropical region with vast and abundant fertile soils, Indonesia is one of the world’s largest agricultural nations that offers a wide range of the finest organic and natural food supplies. 

Our mission is to share Indonesian food heritage to the world, and through the process, nurturing and developing the food producer communities spread across the archipelago. To support our mission, we put the upmost priority in sourcing directly from farmers, foragers, and producers located mostly in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Giving Back To The Community

We envision Indonesia to be the largest exporter of agricultural products in the world. We aim to achieve this by nurturing and supporting the food producer communities in terms of technology investment, agricultural education, and other kind of supports.

Following the country’s development, urbanization in Indonesia has increased rapidly in the past 30+ years. This rapid urbanization has contributed to the falling numbers of farmers.

At the current rate, we projected that by 2063, Indonesia will have no farmers at all. Albeit being the top contributor to Indonesia’s economy, younger generations view agriculture as a low-wage job that is more suitable for people coming from the poorer family with limited educational background.

We aim to solve this problem by reinvesting back our profit into agricultural technology that could increase the output of the communities, changing the society’s view of agriculture by rejuvenating villages and educating the younger generations, and developing the full potential of each rural area. 

Our Team

Irawan Ganda


Irawan earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Japan majoring mechatronics and electrical engineering, as a Japanese Government (MEXT) scholar. After gaining professional experience in a management consulting firm and technology companies, he founded Farmology to pursue his passion in agribusiness. His personal goal is to modernize the Indonesian agriculture technology to increase the output, making Indonesia one of the top agricultural products exporter in the world. 

Miyu Okazaki

Head of Operations

After earning her degree in Law from Aoyama Gakuin University, Okazaki started her career in a consulting firm, mainly working on market expansion projects for the Southeast Asian markets. Through this opportunity she developed her interest in Indonesia, which eventually inspired her to relocate to Jakarta, Indonesia. For several years, she worked in a Japanese trading company handling export & import operations and business development before joining Farmology.

Christinawati Huang

Head of Business Development

Christina earned her Bachelor of Psychology from one of the oldest private universities in Jakarta. As a person who loves nature, she lived in Bali for a year prior to joining Google Malaysia. Her roles in Google involves acquiring customers and managing multiple accounts for Google’s digital and advertising products. She then moved to Accenture Malaysia as a team leader, mainly engaging in social media related projects. She joined Farmology with a personal mission to globalize Indonesian agricultural products.

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