Organic Coconut Palm Sugar: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Organic coconut palm sugar is quite well-known, especially among vegan dieters. It is plant-based sugar that is processed minimally. However, is coconut palm sugar really good for you? Let’s find out about the nutrition facts and health benefits of this sweetener.

What Is Coconut Palm Sugar?

Also known as coconut sugar, coconut palm sugar is not made of the coconut itself. Instead, the sugar is made of the sap of the coconut tree. Then, the producers will make a mixture of the sap and water. After that, the mixture will be boiled to make syrup. The producer will also let the sap to dry and crystallize. The dried sap will be broken apart after that. This will allow you to get sugar granules that look like cane sugar.

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar’s Nutrition Facts

Just like sweetener made of organic brown rice and other plant-based sweeteners, natural coconut palm sugar also retains most nutrients in the coconut palm. The main nutrients found in the ingredient are potassium, calcium, zinc, and iron. Generally speaking, one teaspoon of coconut plum sugar comes with 28 calories, 5 grams of carbohydrates, and 5 grams sugar. Some other nutrients you can find in this sugar include small amounts of fiber, antioxidants, and minerals.

Health Benefits

Organic coconut plum sugar has a few potential benefits for your health. These include:

1. Preventing Low Blood Sugar
As we all know, our body needs glucose to produce energy. Coconut palm sugar is known to contain plenty of this sugar molecule. This will allow the ingredient to raise blood glucose levels. In this way, it can avoid health conditions like hypoglycemia and low blood sugar.

2. Avoiding Blood Sugar Spike
Coconut palm is also known to contain soluble fiber inulin. This ingredient is often associated with decreasing the risks of blood sugar spike. Most of the time, there will be a small amount of inulin found in natural coconut palm sugar per serving. Food that comes with inulin will be one of the best options to take for those with diabetes. It will help them reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes significantly.

Potential Risks

Aside from health benefits provided by natural coconut palm sugar, there are also some potential risks linked to the ingredient. This is simply because this kind of sugar also contains high calories. You need to know that most nutritionists out there treat this sugar just like regular table sugar. Nutritionists also suggest people to limit the organic coconut plum sugar they consume.