4 Reasons Organic Brown Rice Syrup Is Good for Your Health

Organic brown rice syrup is often considered the better sweetener by many people. The organic syrup is seen as a healthier alternative for those who prefer sweet drinks and food. But what makes the brown rice syrup a better option? Here are 4 healthy benefits of this ingredient.

1. Organic Sweetener

Being made of organic brown rice, this syrup is not an artificial sweetener. This is possible to happen since the syrup is produced by breaking down the starch found in the brown rice. The starch is then changed into sugar that can be easily digested.

2. Free of Chemical Substances

Another thing that makes this kind of syrup good for your health is that it is grown organically. In this way, there are no chemical substances involved in the process. Meanwhile, syrup made of natural brown rice also involves a process to remove heavy metals like mercury and arsenic.

3. No Fructose

There are two main molecules that form sugar, glucose and fructose. Unlike glucose that can be broken down in some parts of the body, it is only the liver that can break down the fructose. Since a high amount of fructose is found in most sweetener products found in the market, your liver might not break it down optimally. This can be harmful for your health in the future.

Organic brown rice syrup, on the other hand, is fructose-free. Instead, the syrup comes with three sugar molecules in total. They are glucose (3%), maltose (45%), and maltotriose (52%). Although there are 3 molecules of sugar contained in the syrup, your body actually processes the sweetener in the same way used to process 100% glucose.

This is simply because maltose is formed by two glucose molecules. As of maltotriose, it is made of three glucose molecules. Compared to simple sugars, these sugar molecules need a longer time to be broken down. In this way, you will have longer sustained energy after consuming the syrup. Not only that but the absence of fructose in the syrup can also help you to maintain liver health. This is because the organ doesn’t need to work harder to break the molecule.

4. It Sweetens and Binds

The syrup doesn’t only sweeten but also binds. It allows you to put your snacks in shape without baking them. Furthermore, the organic brown rice syrup sweetens the food while maintaining the freshness of other ingredients like berries, nuts, and fruits.