RBD Coconut Oil in Indonesia: What Is Important About It?

Almost everything you know, especially food, uses oil as one of the ingredients or in the processing. It makes oil become a necessity that humans simply cannot ignore. It doesn’t matter if it is a plant-based or animal-based type of oil. They all serve their unique functions and benefits. Right now, let us take a look at some information on the world’s most well-known oil, the RGB coconut oil.

What is RBD Coconut Oil?

RBD Coconut oil is a plant-based oil that comes from coconut that has been refined (R), bleached (B), and deodorized (D) by using a certain kind of compound to enhance the quality and cleanliness so it becomes edible and lasts longer. Extracted from dried coconut called copra, this organic oil is processed in a production house, involving complicated procedures to ensure safety before it is consumed or used in any products. This process makes the result of the oil look clear and no longer smell.

Indonesia’s rich and fertile lands allow any kinds of plants and trees to thrive. It has been known as the country in which RBD coconut oil is originally manufactured. The coconut farms and factories are spread throughout the main islands with buyers from all around the world. The country has successfully exported tons of it to other countries such as The U.S, Netherlands, Uzbekistan, and many more. Well then, what makes RBD coconut oil in Indonesia so well-known by many people, and how is it different from the virgin coconut oil sold in the market?

In this case, they are all made from coconut, but the first thing that distinguishes RBD coconut oil from virgin coconut oil is the source from which they are extracted. RGB coconut oil is extracted from copra, while Virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut meat. Because Virgin coconut oil doesn’t go through the same process as the RBD coconut oil does, it makes virgin oil have that distinct coconut smell.

How Is RBD Coconut Oil Processed?

Now, you might wonder what kind of components they use and what steps need to be done to produce RBD coconut oil in the factory. To make it more concise, the manufacturing process covers three main steps. A general picture of those steps is briefly explained below.

1. Refinement
RBD coconut oil is exclusively extracted from dried coconuts, meaning that the first step of the process is to put the coconuts out in the sun until they are dry and become copra. After that, clean the copra from dirt and fungi that stick on the surface so it will be safe to consume. Only then you can extract the oil.

2. Bleaching
Cleaning the surface of the copra before the oil extraction will not be enough. That is why that oil still needs to be bleached. This process is done by heating the extracted oil at the highest temperature possible to kill any bacteria and viruses left after the first step.

3. Deodorizing
The secret of removing the smell lies in this step. At this point, the oil will still reek of the coconut smell. Adding Natrium Hydroxide into the oil will eliminate the coconut smell from it. This process will take out the free fatty acid and monosaturated fat from the oil that is dangerous to health.

What Is The Use of RBD Coconut Oil?

In Indonesia, there are a lot of street vendors and restaurants that sell many kinds of fried snacks and meals. As one of the agricultural products in Indonesia, RBD coconut oil is usually used by some sellers as a healthier alternative for extensive frying since it will not trigger cholesterol to form. Due to its high smoke point, the fried food will not easily be burnt and makes it crispier. Surely this will guarantee the satisfaction of the customers.

Also, the characteristics of RGB coconut oil that are clear and odorless make it so easy to combine with a lot of food because it will not likely affect the smell and taste. Other than the food, RGB coconut oil Indonesia is used as one of the ingredients for beauty products like moisturizers, shampoo, body and face wash, and several skincare products.

With that being said, the usage of RBD coconut oil can be for consumption and beauty purposes. Those are the reasons why the export demands on this type of oil are high.

Health Benefits of RBD Coconut Oil

Another reason why RBD coconut oil is mostly included in many food and beauty products worldwide is because of the health benefits that it offers. What are they? Let us take a look at them!

  1. This oil contains antimicrobial compounds. Applying it to your skin will help fight acne problems.
  2. The antioxidants in RBD coconut oil will keep the skin and hair healthy.
  3. Refined oil is good medicine for inflammation caused by saturated fatty acid.
  4. It is also a good ointment and skin allergy medication.
  5. People on a diet to lose weight are advised to take this oil because it contains lauric acid that can help with weight loss.
  6. RBD coconut oil nourishes the body and muscles and boosting metabolism since it contains various good fatty acids
  7. Supporting the brain, cardiovascular, and digestive systems to be able to work optimally

RBD Coconut Oil Price in Indonesia

The price of RBD coconut oil in Indonesia is usually lower than other plant-based oil like olive oil, corn oil, canola oil, and so on. For a price that cheap, it adds another plus point to the bucket. Usually, it is sold in liters at the price range of around forty thousand to seventy thousand rupiah per liter. It could be less or more expensive depending on the location.

In conclusion, RBD coconut oil is very much affordable considering the benefits that one can get from it. Thus, Indonesia should be proud of having this as one of their agriculture products and becoming the largest exporter of RGB coconut oil.