The Benefits of Consuming Virgin Coconut Oil

Do you know that Indonesia agricultural exports are on the rise nowadays? This can happen because there is an increasing demand from overseas, especially for goods like herbs, organic brown rice ramen, organic cane sugar keto, organic coconut palm sugar, coconut oil, etc. Because of those demands, Indonesia increased its production including the production of virgin coconut oil.

Many people said that they need this virgin coconut oil Indonesia because it offers many health benefits. If you wonder what kind of health benefits that you can get from consuming virgin coconut oil regularly, then let’s check it out!

It is good for body health

The most apparent benefits that you can get from consuming virgin coconut oil is that it is great for your overall body health. This can happen because virgin coconut oil contains saturated fatty acid whereas it can improve your metabolism system. Apart from that, their contents also can help to kill dangerous bacteria that will make your body immune towards many kinds of diseases.

You don’t have to worry because there is no harm in keeping your health with this virgin coconut oil Indonesia because it is easily found in Indonesia. However, if you live abroad and find it difficult to find this Indonesian virgin coconut oil, then you can order it from Indonesia.

It is good for heart health

Another health benefit that you can get from virgin coconut oil is that it is so good for your heart health. It is because virgin coconut oil contains lauric acid that can help you to take care of your heart health. Lauric acid can help to reduce bad cholesterol in your body. It works by turning the bad cholesterol into the good cholesterol.

It can help to control blood sugar levels

If you struggle with diabetes, then virgin coconut oil is a good choice for you. Why? Because it can help to control your blood sugar levels and it can also increase the secretion of insulin. Apart from that, virgin coconut oil also promotes efficient distribution of blood glucose, so it will be good to prevent or treat diabetes.

For some people, virgin coconut oil looks like it has a direct effect on blood sugar levels. However, some others may go through a reduced craving of foods that can spike blood sugar levels. Regardless, virgin coconut oil is still considered a blessing for those who suffer from blood sugar issue.

If you want an optimum result, you can also try to change your diet with organic brown rice as it can help you to control your blood sugar level better. But, before you change your diet, you better check organic brown rice nutrition first. Or if you want to take another extreme measure, you can start using wholesome sweeteners organic powdered sugar or wholesome sweeteners organic coconut palm sugar for your diet.

It is awesome for your hair

Not only good for your overall health, virgin coconut oil Indonesia is also really good for your hair. In India, they use coconut oil mainly for conditioner which indicates that this virgin coconut oil really works for hair treatment. This coconut oil is readily beneficial for treating damaged hair. If you want to try it, you can just simply use the coconut oil as your leave-in conditioner regularly or occasionally depending on your hair conditions. Furthermore, this coconut oil is perfect for you who has dry hair because it can nourish it and then define your waves or even curls.

It can fight Candida (yeast)

Well, many people from Western order virgin coconut oil from Indonesia because it is believed that it can fight against Candida because for them yeast infections are a big problem there. Furthermore, your diet plays an important role in the Candida issue, and your diet can also play the main role in the cure as well as prevention of the exact same Candida issue.

According to some research, virgin coconut oil is proven to help to kill Candida albicans because it contains medium fatty acids such as capric acid, lauric acid and caprylic acid that work together to kill the yeast. If you want to try the virgin coconut oil as your yeast remedy, then you need at least 3.5 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil daily. You also need to add fermented foods to your diet like homemade yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, tempeh and many more. And most importantly, start to avoid sugar and simple carbs on your diet such as white breads, pasta and many more.

It may help prevent osteoporosis

As you may know that osteoporosis is a disease that targets your bones, and do you know that women are four times more likely to contract it than men? This can happen because of many factors such as aging, pregnancy, calcium deficiency, and a family history of osteoporosis also can improve the risk of the disease.

If you want to prevent yourself from contracting this disease, the most recommended preventative method that you can do is up your calcium intake, get enough vitamin D, and of course adopt a healthy diet as well as lifestyle. Then, how can this virgin coconut oil help to prevent osteoporosis?

Well, virgin coconut oil can help to improve the ability of your body to absorb any significant minerals including calcium and magnesium, that are really needed for the development of your bones.

All in all, those above are several health benefits that you can get from consuming Indonesian virgin coconut oil. If you live abroad and have difficulties in finding virgin coconut oil Indonesia, you can purchase from Other than virgin coconut oil Indonesia, we also offer the best coconut sugar, cane sugar, organic red rice and brown rice and many more. So, whenever you are in need of virgin coconut oil from Indonesia, feel free to reach out to us!